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Aventus (Grey) High Quality 3 in 1 Data / Charging Cable Nylon Braided Multiple USB with Lightning Port / Reversible Type C / Micro USB Connector for Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017)


Tangle-free & save space

High-quality braided-nylon fibre jacket keeps away from tangle, softness and toughness of nylon allow you to keep it as rolling, which can help you save space of your bag.
Latest design 3 in 1 white charging cable for most phones on the market.You don’t need to carry your existing data cable to do the charging when you are in a car, office or travel outside; providing convenient and practical service in your daily life.


On one end is a standard USB cable that can be used with any USB source. From there, 3 cables split off including a micro USB cable, Apple 8-pin lightning cable, and a type-C cable.
With the 3-in-1 cable you can charge multiple devices at the same time from one USB port, or simply have the right cable handy for almost any device when you need it!

Product Features

  • Latest design, one cable has different 3 adapter, one is for Lightning,one is for Micro USB, one is for Type-C.
  • Unique nylon braided style. The braided finish not only looks and feels great but also prevents tangles, increases strength and it is easy to carry.
  • Universal compatibility, the cable supports most android tablets, cell phones, type-c device, iPhone, iPad.
  • Having this 3 in 1 multi charging USB cable for yourself and your friends when needed. Perfect for home use and office or business and travel.
  • This cables are durable enough to withstand heavy usage, but still in great performance without any change.

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