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Weaves / Extensions : worse hair company you have ever bought from

Author: DixieDarlin
Subject: worse hair company you have ever bought from
Posted: Feb 14 2017 at 7:09pm

FINALLY found this thread! I have a few companies, but first things first…

1. Hallucinating Hairlines, which promotes a lot on Instagram. Do NOT buy from them. The only pro is that the hairline does come customized VERY nicely. I’ll give the seller that. Other than that though….
- When you receive your wig, you will realize that they’re TONS and tons of gray “hairs”…. I usually dye my wigs with Revlon Colorsilk Off Black hair dye, and the gray “hairs” didn’t take. So I ended up having to pluck a majority of the grays, which was annoying (took me 1 hour).
- In addition, It sheds once you take it out of the package too – I remember combing it for the first time and once I was done, there were hairs all over the floor. I believe it was made with a machine so that’s why. But it has come to the point where if I don’t lay my hair a certain way, then my tracks would show.
- It also tangles very very badly. On Sundays, I usually shampoo, Co-wash, air dry, and flat iron the hair, then put it on a mannequin head. Then when I install it on my head Monday morning, the unit is full of knots. Wtf happened the night before? This Monday it was embarrassing because I ran my hands through my hair and felt a knot… so I tried to comb out the knot with my hand, and the hair BROKE off! There was about 6 inches of tangled hair in my hand! My $45 aliexpress bundles didn’t even do that.
- It’s also starting to not take heat, which is weird? I now have to pass the flat iron over each section multiple times… 
And no, I do not think that it’s because of the hair dye because I have ALWAYS dyed my units with the same exact hair dye and color, and I do the same exact process.
I’ve had the wig for only 1 month.

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